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The Korok products are developed and designed by players, Decathlon employees or passionate customers. All this in close collaboration with our partners (international players, clubs, ...). Engineers, product designers, graphic designers, communication experts, coaches, … they all put a lot of effort in the creation of our beautiful products. Our 'physical clubhouse/ HQ' is located in Brussels, one of the most fanatic hockey cities in the world, while our team can be found every week on hockey fields in Amsterdam, Antwerp, London, Hamburg or Bangalore, where hockey is not only a sport but also a way of life.

So much more than just a hockey brand

Korok attaches great importance to the beautiful values ​​of the sport as well as to the good team spirit that is present everywhere. With Korok we want to be more than a hockey brand that makes and provides products. Together with our community -partners, but especially you and your teammates- we want to make hockey even bigger and more interesting. We do this by opening up our community to everyone and experiencing fun and rich moments together.

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Korok feels like a real family! They are focussed on humans.

We are committed each and every day

Our users are the center of our universe. All of our decisions and products are co-created with our users. From extensive product testing and design feedback, all the way to the welcoming community they will be a part of. We promise to adapt our products and pricing to the needs of every local market we enter and do so while openly sharing every step of the process.

Focus on technicity for children and adults

Korok is not only a welcoming community but we are also very serious about the quality and technicity of our products. Our products are of the highest quality and are used by athletes of the highest level. In addition to our standard range, we also offer technical products for children with a good level.