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We are passionate about hockey

We have been fortunate enough to play and coach hockey wherever and whenever we... wanted, and have realised how empowering and life changing these experiences are. However, unfortunately, we are part of the select group that gets this opportunity.

This isn’t because of a lack of desire or demand, it is a lack of the knowledge, awareness and communication. Currently, how players, coaches or clubs find one another is limited to word of mouth to be introduced, emails, Facebook messaging, Whatsapp or Skype calling. Because of this, it is usually only the top 0,1% of players, coaches or clubs that get to experience what we have experienced.

We would like to have a deep impact on the sport we love. Enough enthusiasm and drive is present to help this sport to grow to one of the biggest worldwide sports. We will not reinvent the rules, but we will rather connect people with each other, with available resources and with new potential technologies that can bring the sport to a next level.

We are the home of hockey

Hockey is a sport that is played almost anywhere in the world. Although hockey might... not be the most popular sport (yet), it’s played almost everywhere in the world. This is why we believe that centralization of information, improved transparency and connectivity will benefit this sport hugely. Scorrd aims at offering a more global and centralised approach to hockey.

We believe the hockey community is only just brushing the surface, and we want to go deeper to give anyone and everyone the possibility to experience the sport we all love, even away from home, if that's the dream. There is a real need for a worldwide hockey platform, and with hockey increasing in popularity with players and spectators alike, there hasn’t been a better time to get on board!

We believe in our community

We’re passionate about communities. We love to find ways to connect people through... innovative and cool content. We believe in the power of gamification to grow and activate a community. We believe in the importance of proximity when creating communities; a community needs to connect people through content that they feel close to. Compared to more global communities like facebook, Scorrd will try to make every member feel more connected on the platform. We want to be and stay relevant for every member.


You may have the exact profile that a club is looking for? You might be the club that a player dreams about? The only way this can become a reality is by connecting players with clubs looking for exact profiles. You don’t need to go any further than vacancies. Contact the club directly and watch all the doors to new opportunities open.


Click, search and find any; players, coaches, clubs, fans and brands that have signed up on SCORRD as a starting point to follow, connect and contact. The hockey world in your hands. Hockey CVs, all clubs, countries and brands in one community. Place your hockey profile in the world where all other hockey profiles are.


The latest transfers of players can be found within the mercato which includes all the transfers of players as well as the latest rumour transfers.

Brought the idea to life

Let’s start at the beginning. Two young guys with the same ambition to make an impact on the sport they both love. These two hockey players were sitting in a bar one night, the one had the idea that he wanted to impact the hockey world. The other did not object and the dream became a reality. Both of them young and driven, with a vision and a focus, started the company Scorrd. ... Scorrd was created to give opportunities and possibilities to people that share the same love for hockey. The two of them saw an opportunity, dared to dream big and then took the steps to make it happen.

Seb and Uri, the co-founders of Scorrd, are both hockey players themselves. Seb was born and raised in Belgium and Uri born and raised in Barcelona, they together bring a unique combination of characteristics to the company. One of the values that they both share is to reach beyond what has been done before. The original vision of Scorrd was to connect hockey players and give them the chance to be able to play hockey anywhere in the world. Although this was only the initial idea, they soon discovered there were many more components to add to this company. They both believe in community and how Scorrd can be a game changer to the world of hockey.

To guide the company to further growth, almost from the start the management team was completed by 2 experienced Belgian Entrepreneurs. Sven Böhne, active member of the hockey club braxgata in Belgium, and David Rademaker, founding partner of the software company Omakase, are managing partners in the company.

We have been working with the web development agency Omakase in Antwerp, in order to develop Scorrd to the beautiful platform it is today.

Who bring the community together