Get to know Selin Oruz

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Get to know Selin Oruz

Selin Oruz is one the German's Women National team rising stars and also our Ambassador. Do you want to know her better? Let's check what she has to say!

Full name
Selin Oruz

Date of Birth

Age you started playing hockey

Club you started playing hockey for
Crefelder HTC

Best memory of your youth hockey years
First Time German Champion

Best memory playing for a club
- Being selected as the best athlete of the year in 2013 when I still played for Club Raffelberg Duisburg where I had the possibility to improve, benefit from really good work of my coaches and make huge steps in my youth career.

- Making it to the first league with my club Düsseldorfer HC in 2014 and scoring the important goal for winning the final match

- German Champion Indoor 2015 in Berlin & European Club Cup afterwards

Best memory playing for the national team
Definitely the Olympic Bronze Medal in Rio

Club History  
2000-2010 Crefelder HTC 2010-2014 Club Raffelberg Duisburg 2014-now Düsseldorfer HC

Number of international CAPS (before the preparation for the World Cup)

Choose your 3 best goals
Scoring the goal for making it to the first league with my new club; normally my part is giving assists ;)

Personal Achievements 

-Best Athlete of the Year 2013
-First cap with 16 years with the A squad
-Düsseldorfer of the year after winning the bronze medal

Club Achievements
-German Champion 2015
-European Cup Indoor

National team achievements
-Vice European Champion U18 & U21
-Bronze European Championship 2015
-Bronze Medal Olympics Rio 2016

The best player you have ever played with 
Sabine Markert

The best player you have ever played against 
Ellen Hoog

The player you would love to have played with 
Luciana Aymar