A deep analysis of the Belgium Women's National field hockey competition by the Belgium Women's National field hockey Coach, Niels Thijssen

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A deep analysis of the Belgium Women's National field hockey competition by the Belgium Women's National field hockey Coach, Niels Thijssen


Let's talk about transfers First. 

1. Which team came the strongest out of the summer transfer window and why?

Braxgata took in Elena Sotgiu, Red Panther and very talented goalkeeper. Racing, just promoted, have Anouk Raes and Jill Boon coming over from Wellington. International transfers: Antwerp has two big names in with Neal and Gloyn from NZ.

2. Which teams have experienced the biggest loss (outgoing transfers)? Who would that be?

Probably Wellington sees two big names and experienced players leave with Anouk Raes and Jill Boon.

3. What are the top 3 most exciting transfers to follow up to?

Raes and Boon will be interesting to see in their new environment, just as Neal and Gloyn at Antwerp. Joanne Peeters coming back from Germany to join Watducks again will also be interesting to see how she developed.

Let's talk individual talent.

1. Which players will we need to watch out for? Which players will amaze the crowds?

Nelen at Brax is always a nice player to go and watch, just as Gerniers and vd Borre at Gent. First two players have speed and the ability to eliminate, making it attractive for the crowd, Borre has some exceptional passing skills to go and look for.

2. Who do you think is the biggest U21 talent of the league?

Both Sophie Limauge and Michelle Struijck already play for the Red Panthers, but are two interesting U21 aged players to follow and see how they develop.

3. Who will become the best goalscorer of the league?

Of course we go a Belgian one! Louise Versavel or Stephanie vd Borre

What about the teams? It's not all about individuals. Which teams will stand out, which one will be stronger than expected, etc..

1. Which teams will battle for play offs?

The league system changed a bit here, so with 1/4 finals we now have 8 teams in a knock-out fase. Top-4 if I need to guess: Brax, Watducks, Gent and Antwerp. With outsiders Racing and Dragons.

2. Which team will be champion?


3. Which will turn out to be the unexpected surprise of the league?


4. Which teams will struggle for survival?

Namur is new in te the league, just like Racing, but they'll need to fight hard to survive I expect

Do you want to share anything else about the Belgium Women's competition?

Belgian has a very upcoming Women's program and league, with average ages of a lot of teams being quite low. Although I was asked for a few standouts, I believe the league is interesting in general because of that rapid development, and I do short to a lot of other talent, by not naming them. So come all and watch or follow how Belgian talent develops.

Let's do a final prediction. Which country will become World Champion in December 2018?