A deep analysis of the Belgium Men's field hockey competition by the Belgium TV commentator, Floris Geerts

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A deep analysis of the Belgium Men's field hockey competition by the Belgium TV commentator, Floris Geerts


Let's talk about transfers. 
1. Which team came the strongest out of the summer transfer window and why?

Racing. Racing has lost some young talented players like Tommy Willems and Max Lootens, but on the other hand the team from Brussels added Victor Wegnez one the biggest talents in the world to their midfield. Therefore Tom Boon can move up a line and will be playing in the attack again. Which is Always an advantage for every team. The other big signing is off course New Zealand international Nic Woods. He was one of the most wanted players in the Belgian League, definitely one of three the biggest transfers this summer in Belgium.

2. Which teams have experienced the biggest loss (outgoing transfers)? Who would that be?

Dragons. No doubt about it. No less then 9 players left the the Belgian Champion. Their biggest loss is off course FIH Player of the Year, Arthur Van Doren. Dragons has to built a complete new defense and basically a new midfield as well.

3. What are the top 3 most exciting transfers to follow up to?

German national goalkeeper Tobias Walter, who is the new goalie for Dragons. Leandro Tollini left Club de Campo in Spain for Gantoise. Gantoise was looking for a to levell drag flicker to get them closer to the Belgian top 4. If he delivers Gantoise won't be far from that target. Nick Catlin changed Rotterdam for Beerschot. The fromer England international could be the prolific goalscorer the team mist so bad last season.

Let's talk individual talent. 
1. Which players will we need to watch out for? Which players will amaze the crowds?

Florent Van Aubel, last years he was phenomenal during the play-offs. He's a technical wizard with the ball on his stick. There's a reason why his nickname is 'The Magician'. Besides Florent Van Aubel, I'll Always keep my eyes open for Tommy Willems (Dragons), Manu Brunet (Léopold) and Tom Boon (Racing).

2. Who do you think is the biggest U21 talent of the league?

Maxime Van Oost. The wing back of Waterloo Ducks starts his third season at the this top class team. He also preforms strongly with the Belgian U21 side.

3. Who will become the best goalscorer of the league?

The battle will be once again be between Loïck Luypaert, Tom Boon and Victor Charlet. It's very hard to choose between these three, but I'll say Boon because he combines his field goals with a powerful penalty corner.

What about the teams?It's not all about individuals. Which teams will stand out, which one will be stronger than expected, etc.. 

1. Which teams will battle for play offs?

Due to the new format, 8 of the 12 teams will play the quarter finals of the play-offs. So the battle is quite open. But I think Braxgata will be the biggest challenger of the usual suspects for the final four: Waterloo Ducks, Racing, Léopold and Dragons.

2. Which team will be champion?

Waterloo Ducks

3. Which will turn out to be the unexpected surprise of the league?


4. Which teams will struggle for survival?

Daring and White Star

Do you want to share anything else about the Belgium men's competition?

The league format changed to fit in the FIH Pro League. The 12 teams are devided in two pools op 6 teams. Every team will play once angainst the opponents from the other group and twice against the teams from their own pool. After 16 games the top 4 of both groups wil play the quarter finals of the play-offs. I'm curious what surprises this new formula will bring.  

Which country will become World Champion in December 2018?